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Jeffrey Charles has a full-time accounting staff dedicated to maintaining the integrity of every communities financial activities. We provide the following services to ensure accuracy of financial reporting.

  • Maintain the journals and general ledger accounts for the Association’s activities on an accrual basis. The books will be closed on the last day of the month and financial reports will be distributed the following month.
  • Maintain a current accounts receivable subsidiary ledger for each owner.
  • Issue annual coupon booklets for the collection of assessments. Receive all payments and credit each owner’s account. Deposit all monies in the Association bank account.
  • Make all necessary efforts to collect past due amounts from owners as prescribed by the governing documents and Board policy. Serve as a liaison with legal counsel for the collection of past due assessments.
  • Make disbursements from the Association account for all normal, recurring expenses or other expenses approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Receive and reconcile monthly all Association bank accounts.
  • Assist the independent auditor selected by the Board of Directors in the completion of the annual audit and tax return. The following reports will be provided to the CPA to facilitate the audit:
    • Year-end accounts receivable schedule
    • Cumulative trial balance
    • Year-end general ledger
    • Year-end balance sheet and income statement
  • Provide a proposed operating budget and supporting schedules to the Board of Directors prior to the beginning of each fiscal year showing anticipated receipts and expenditures for the year.
  •  Prepare and distribute the following monthly reports:
    • Income statement
    • Balance sheet
    • Accounts receivable aging report
    • Cash disbursements journal
    • General ledger
    • Membership list (monthly or as requested)